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  Since our foundation, we have grown organically, through customer loyalty and referrals, to become one of the primary providers of Albanian translation services. We are a customer orientated company, able to provide a wide range of services, premier translations and with reliable translation services.

We focus on offering not just the best possible translation services quality on the desired period but also to provide our customers with the concentration and meditation they deserve. This is why we assign our clients to Account and Project Managers.

Whether you need to translate from
 Albanian to English or from English to Albanian, our most qualified team will provide you the services you are looking for. Thanks to a long-standing relationship with excellent linguists in our area, we can offer not only fast and quality Albanian translations, but also in very competitive rates.

 Albanian is an Indo-European language spoken by approximately 7.6 million people, primarily in Albania and Kosovo. The standard oral and written form of Albanian originates from the two main dialects of the language, Gheg and Tosk even though it is notably based more on the Tosk dialect. It is a language with a canonical word order of subject–verb–object like English and many other Indo-European languages. Nouns in Albanian are inflected by gender, that is masculine, feminine and neuter, and by number (singular and plural).

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