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Bulgarian Translation

  As a UK agency, based in London, we naturally mainly deal with English to Bulgarian and Bulgarian to English translations. We have the best Bulgarian translators in the business, and we can guarantee that they will satisfy your needs while keeping with our clients instructed terminology and glossaries.

We guarantee that our clients receive the best professional results thanks to our substantial professional experience and our customer focused ethos. We also assure you that your translation project will be delivered on the desired date and the proffered format. We deal with all types of translations from Bulgarian to English and from English to Bulgarian. It is imperative that our translators translate into their mother tongue. This means that, a Bulgarian translator will only ever translate into Bulgarian. This ensures translation consistency and accuracy.

Bulgarian belongs to the group of Southern Slavic languages, which includes Serbian, Croatian, Slovenian and FYROM. The 32-letter Bulgarian alphabet became the only Cyrillic alphabet in the family of the European Union after Bulgaria entered the EU. It maintains its common Slavic elements from the era of the Old Church Slavonic, with strong influence from Balkan languages like Turkish and Greek which come from historical relations and ties.

Our track record regarding Balkan languages more than proves the quality services we offer when it comes to down to results. After 20 years in business and with most of our strength set in Eastern European languages, we are your ideal partner.

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