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Project manager

 Intertranslations Ltd., a leading translation services company, seeks a full-time project manager for translation and localization projects based in Athens. This is a great opportunity for experienced project managers who want to work in Greece.

Desired Skills and Experience
  • Analytical and methodical problem approach 
  • Excellent communication and negotiation skills with vendors 
  • Work experience on project and vendor management in translation/localization, IT or services sector 
  • Excellent command of English language 
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Office applications 
  • Basic knowledge of markup languages (xml, html, etc.) 
  • Basic knowledge of macro command language in MS Office environment 
  • Use of CAT tools 
  • Knowledge of DTP and procedures and tools 

Other skills and attributes


  • Identify resources needed and assign individual responsibilities 
  • Effectively apply our methodology and enforce project standards 
  • Minimize our exposure and risk on projects 
  • Understands basic revenue models, P/L, and cost-to-completion projections and makes decisions accordingly 
  • Understands our pricing model and billing procedures 
  • Assures project legal documents are completed and signed 
  • Effectively conveys our message in both written and verbal business development discussions 
  • Effectively communicates relevant project information to superiors 
  • Resolves and/or escalates issues in a timely fashion 
  • Understands how to communicate difficult/sensitive information tactfully 
  • Possesses a thorough understanding of our capabilities 
  • Maintains awareness of new and emerging technologies and the potential application on client engagements 
  • Demonstrated experience in personnel management 
  • Can conform to shifting priorities, demands and timelines through analytical and problem-solving capabilities 
  • Persuasive, encouraging, and motivating 
  • Must be able to learn, understand, and apply new technologies 
  • Ability to read communication styles of team members and contractors who come from a broad spectrum of disciplines 
  • Overtime may be required to meet project deadlines

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