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Translation Services for the Software Sector

Our client is a global leading provider of IT security solutions, with millions of clients in more than 200 countries and products available in 23 languages. Initially centered on the production of antivirus software, the company has expanded its line of applications to include firewall applications, spam and spyware detection applications, cybercrime prevention technology, and other system management and security tools for businesses and home users. The company’s products include security tools for home users and companies, including protection against cybercrime and kinds of malware that can damage IT systems, such as spam, hackers, spyware, dialers and undesirable web content, as well as detection of Wi-Fi intrusions.

Business Requirements

When the company Security, approached Intertranslations for its translations requirements, they presented a number of needs which require several levels of skill:

  • Customer need: Functional – Security software module practice and processes.
    • Intertranslations Approach: The Functional – familiarity with the industry. Our teams include people who, during their professional careers, have implemented software security solutions at a European level. In addition, the translators and software localization engineers have an in-depth knowledge of the various online security processes (web, network, firewalls, etc.) providing them with the necessary expertise.
  • Customer need: Localization – Familiarity with various local software terminology (especially for security)
    • Intertranslations Approach: Localization – familiarity with specific terminology used. Intertranslations are able to offer the local skills sought after in the main European markets.


  • Terminology controlled with TRADOS tools and processes (i.e. SDL Trados Multiterm 2009) offering improved consistency in line with global brand
  • Integrated system for translation of different types of support content (i.e. online help, instructions manual, help screens, manuals)
  • Reduced costs up to 25% using CAT
  • In addition, Intertranslations applies a specific methodology - definition of project and resources, compilation of glossaries and style manuals, execution, project follow-up and quality assurance which helped complete the project on time - to specification and within budget.

We complete Industry projects based on:

  • Process and Methodology: The software localization process involves separate and distinct workflows for adapting the user interface, Help files and technical documentation. We build the highest quality into every stage of software localization: from identifying and extracting the elements that need localization to re-engineering and doing final testing on multiple language versions. Our Software localization process involves: Pre-production Consultation – Content preparation – Glossary development – Style Guide.
  • Quality and Testing: Software Localization Engineering: Once files have been translated and edited our localization engineers will begin to integrate the translated text into your application. They will oversee all the technical requirements, graphics editing and language-specific web coding, alterations and troubleshooting (Localize graphics, colours, currency and symbols). Then testing and Quality Control will take place as our final step. This involves testing your application's functionality and user interface, and conducting a linguistic review. If additional changes are required, all team members will verify them before final implementation.
  • Specialised Teams: Intertranslations utilise Project Managers, Translator(s) editors and Software localization engineers who have specialised expertise based on the software localised and at the same time know the industry tools and understand how to use them to speed up work and improve consistency. Precision, accuracy, localization expertise alongside together with the attention to detail, is delivered by our professional localization team.
  • Software Localization Strategy Consulting: Intertranslations has 16 years’ experience in the software localization industry. Our specific knowledge in the field can help your company understand how you can benefit the most. For example, what markets to target, which languages to complete and which materials to localize.

Projects Completed in the Industry:

Companies in the industry (please refer to website) who have  trusted Intertranslations with software localization projects covered: software / user interface code, graphics editing, strings, language specific web coding, colours, currency, symbols, online help and help screens, printed documentation, software instructions and manuals, shortcut keys.

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