Consumer Electronics Translations

...Choose a translation company that will help you provide documentation tailored to the language, requirements and culture of local users as well as compatible with local infrastructures and business practices so you can survive and expand in this competitive consumer electronics industry...

Consumer Electronics Translations

Consumer electronics companies that translate documents for computers, computer monitors, televisions, DVD players, digital cameras and other household electronic appliances face intense challenges. The lifecycle of consumer electronics is shrinking, making production, localization and promotions management even more challenging. Being flexible and able to repsond fast to the market challenges is critical to the company's competitiveness. Additionally, competition from low cost labor countries is growing at a faster pace than ever, making “time to market” a vital ingredient in the success of a consumer electronics company.

Intertranslations recognizes that the consumer electronics industry is a global business. We have identified and understand the unique issues involved in translating documents for companies operating within this domain. Our translation solutions enable consumer electronics clients to operate competitively in this global marketplace. The company's terminology experts, translators and supporting professionals, as well as our translation project completion model infrastructure deliver quality translations to consumer electronics clients in a range of formats and in all commercial languages. Our translation model enables us to offer a specific task-oriented methodology designed for the consumer electronics industry that assures low cost, fully consistent, timely produced translations. Thanks to our extensive experience and track record offering localization and translation services over the past 16 years, we can guarantee delivery of superior quality translation projects to companies operating in the electronic consumer industry. More specifically to the industry we provide:

  • document translation
  • desktop publishing
  • software localization
  • website translation

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I truly thank you for all of your effort and especially for keeping always the timeframe you set on any of our projects being allocated to you. I appreciate it and would like to thank you once more for the strong co-operation we have built-up so far.

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