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Croatian Translation

  Intertranslations Ltd collaborates with highly qualified and experienced professional Croatian translators and can provide Croatian translation services from and into a great number of languages.

Intertranslations has established a quality control system that includes a peer review evaluation process to ensure the highest level of service quality. Our terminology and translation memory management services are another asset for our clients in order to centralize their linguistics.

Croatian is a South Slavic language that is mainly spoken in Croatia. Also, it is primarily spoken by the Croats who live in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Croatian minorities residing in the neighboring countries. It is a language with such a rich history and thus, it requires highest quality translation services, which are proudly provided by Intertranslations. The Štokavian dialect is the base of the Standard Croatian language, but there are two other primary dialects, Čakavian, and Kajkavian, which provide a substantial lexical contribution to Standard Croatian.

 offers supreme Croatian translation services with a particular expertise in the following areas:

• Legal translation services

• Financial translation services

• Technical translation services

• Medical translation services

• Software translation services

• Consumer Electronics translation services

• Tourism translation services

• Gaming translation services

• Marine translation services

• Automotive translation services

Intertranslations is an award-winning translation service provider based in London. We have been managing complex multimedia and large-scale projects, in Croatian, on time and on budget for more than 20 years. We are your trusted language service partner.

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