Dedicated Project Team

...Success is the outcome of planning techniques, gathering requirements, utilising software, implementing quality assurance methods, and follow a systematic approach to erradicate obstacles and deliver the desirable results...

Dedicated Project Team

Intertranslations creates translation project teams according to industry and customer needs:

  • Account Manager: The Account Manager functions as a liaison between the customer and the company's team of professionals, ensuring that every commitment is met.
  • Project Manager: The Project Manager is allocated based on his/her industry knowledge and expertise. He/she is responsible for daily project production, progress reports, financial management, language quality, the preparation of the localization kit and for other translation guidelines, as described in the section "Pre-production stage"
  • Industry Specific Translation Team: The translation team is formed according to the related industry, work volume, and languages involved. All team members (translators, proofreaders, industry experts) go through a strict quality performance test, designed for the specific industry, before joining the Intertranslations team. Translators are selected based on: 
    • educational background
    • professional experience
    • aptitude
    • computer skills
    • knowledge of the source and target language
    • ability to faithfully and accurately reproduce the technical contents and language style of any text
    • ability to create a text that flows naturally
    • translate with speed and accuracy thereby rendering texts that flow naturally
    • use the appropriate and standardized terminology
  • Computer Assisted Translation (CAT) experts: Our project managers and translators are CAT experts and they’re responsible for analyzing and preparing the files by integrating the appropriate translation memory software
  • IT Systems Support - Management: This team is responsible for the daily management of the infrastructure that supports the production process

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