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  Are you looking for a language provider to satisfy your English to French translation needs? Intertranslations has the experience and offers the quality you would expect from a company that chairs its sector.

The French language has its history and its technicalities that make it one of the oldest and most complicated languages in the world. Today, French remains the second-most used language in diplomatic and international relations.

The French language’s distinguishing characteristics include a great number of regional varieties and the use of accents (acute, grave, dieresis, cedilla, and circumflex) with phonetic, semantic, and etymological implications. French spelling, like English spelling, mostly preserves ancient pronunciation rules, making it difficult to deduce the spelling on the basis of sound. Therefore, English to French translator has to master terminology and language specifications that only a native-speaker fully masters.

At Intertranslations, we know that the translation of a text to French is not a simple task. Every text has its specificities, and every company has its requirements, and we make sure that every client receives the best quality French translation. In order to accomplish that, our project managers analyze the parameters of the client's business, the target audience and assign the texts to specialized translators in order to achieve timely delivery of top-quality translation projects.

At Intertranslations, we make sure that the quality meets your deadlines. Give us a call or email us right now with your request and let us show you what our team can do for you.

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