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French to English Translation

  Intertranslations Ltd can provide French to English translation services for clients all over the world. Whether you need IT manuals, legal documents, automotive manuals, pharmaceutical instructions, tourism leaflets or any other kind documents from French to English, we collaborate with experienced native speakers English translators with industry specific expertise and who are fluent in French. We have a three-translator strategy (translator, reviewer, editor) in which the translator translates the document, the reviewer cross checks it, and the editor proofreads it. In this way, we ensure that you receive an error-free, speedy turnaround, and always at the lowest cost possible, translation.

We have a great respect for the language’s long history and always keep the work we do in compliance with corporate glossaries and terminology databases available from and to each of our clients.

As an international company, we operate worldwide as a service for our English
translations as we do for our other languages. This means that we can provide English translations in any of the existing dialects; whether you need American English, Australian English, British English or even Jamaican English. We have the know-how and the expertise to deliver.

As far as the sensitive issue of pricing is concerned, Intertranslations always aims to provide you with the best rates for French to English
translation services.

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