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Games Voice Over Services

Intertranslations unites committed games professional translators with voice over artists and experienced translation Project Managers. We, at Intertranslations, understand that a professional voice over is an essential part of every good game and must be kept in mind when translating and localizing a video game for an international audience. Intertranslations provides voice over recordings into and from all European, Asian and Middle Eastern languages for in-game speech. Voice over services can also be integrated as part of our overall Games Localization Services, alongside Translation, Testing and QA for your in-game text/subtitles and speech.

Intertranslations works with a network of international voice actors, agencies and digital recording studios to provide the gaming sector with audio and voice over services, including post production. We provide the best voice for the specific character or context in order for your recording to strike the right tone with your audience.  

Voice over recording includes single or multiple voice recording, overdubbing, narration, animation voice over, in-game speech, mixing, editing, post production and file conversion. Voice over can take place through a straight audio recording, from translated or provided scripts, or while viewing/playing the game. This way voice over and speech are fully adjusted to the game’s context.

If you are looking for a top quality voice over for your game and want to make your characters come to life by using an accurate voice representation for every mood and situation, do not hesitate to contact us. Intertranslations can deliver the best possible results in a fast, efficient and budget friendly way. 


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