Games Localization

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Games Localization

It’s vitally important to have a games localization partner who’s fully aware of the relevant processes, methods and tools that need to be implemented, as well as able to employ a skilled and experienced team that will successfully execute your projects.

Our localization Project Managers are experts in handling and managing complicated XML files, using specialized tools, including QA checkers.

The completion of a games localization project requires a combination of specialized business processes and systemic software in order to effectively and accurately capture, store, administer and distribute texts, images, voice and other digitized information. Additionally, specialized the Content Management System (CMS) software needs to be applied within the above processes, in order to support the localization material. The CMS software offers the ability to conduct a version control and a document check-in and check-out, to ensure a smooth workflow, as well as to provide other related benefits that will allow translators, editors, terminologists and even test users to process the entire content and publish it to a variety of devices, targeting specific audiences.

Games Project Localization Process & Methodology

In order to tackle complex projects for the gaming localization industry, Intertranslations creates specialized teams based on role, field of knowledge and target language. All professionals are supervised by a gaming industry experienced Project Manager that puts together teams of 4-5 translators and 1-2 proofreaders per language pair. Additionally, our IT experts set up the platforms and implement testing methodologies either on or offline. 
The localization methodology applied by Intertranslations is shaped according to the particular characteristics of each game and consists of 5 phases, as follows: 

Games Localization Team

  • Native Speaking Translators with vast experience in translating games. The localization team will be formed and trained according to the games industry, work volume, language combinations and clients’ particular needs.
  • Certified Project Managers with games industry specific expertise. All our Project Managers are certified by the Project Management Institute, possess exceptional organizational skills and strictly observe deadlines. Each Project Manager is allocated based on his/her gaming industry knowledge and expertise. The Project Manager is responsible for daily production, progress reports, financial management, language quality, as well as for the preparation of the localization kit and other translation guidelines.
  • Advanced IT and Project Management infrastructure with build-in industry specific tasks and processes for gaming localization projects.

Gaming Industry Localization Issues

Our localization teams are fully aware of the specific issues that need to be addressed when completing relevant projects:

  • Internationalization: The goal of internationalization is to create a project that can be easily localized with a minimum amount of work from the developer’s part -the same game features, functionality and game play experiences are present in all international versions of the game (pay extra attention to local idiomatic and cultural characteristics). Furthermore, careful consideration is always given to complex dialogues and interaction, as they usually depend on non-linear storyboards and multiplayer interaction.
  • Organizing Game Assets: To effectively organize the localization project, certain issues need to be addressed. Eliminate the possibility of failing to translate sections of the game and quickly organize game assets for translations. Organizing assets such as: In Game text, Voiceover Files, Cinematics, In-game Art Assets, Pop-Up Tool Tips, System Messages, Error Messages, Computer Game Installers, Help Files, Electronic Material, etc.
  • Game Code: The game’s code should:
    • support the ability to enter Latin-based characters and diacritics
    • not limit itself to ASCII text
    • ensure that the engine is double-byte enabled
    • support the ability to display and accept input for bidirectional text
  • User Interface: The visual look and feel of the game should give users tangible proof that it was designed with them in mind, making sure that the UI is not cluttered with an overlapping and truncated text.
  • Displaying Text: Many text issues can be avoided by having enough UI real estate to allow for a longer text. During pre-production, a second set of UI screens can be utilized with translated text. This methodology will identify the worst case scenarios of the text display, so that solutions for problematic areas can be identified and addressed before the production begins.
  • Transcreation: We suggest our clients to allow our localization teams to modify words and expressions wherever the adaptation of complex stories or phrases doesn’t provide the proper meaning. 

Games Localization Tools & Games Platforms

Our teams utilize all the known tools, used by gaming producers. The main ones are:

  • CAT Tools: SDL Trados Studio 2009, (2007, 2011), SDL Multiterm 2009, XTM Cloud, IDIOM (Translation and Content Management Tool), WordFast, Online Translation Platform (XTM), Déjà vu, MemoQ, Idiom, WorldServer, OmegaT
  • Localization Tools: SDL Passolo 2009, MS LocStudio, Localizer, Alchemy Catalyst 9
  • Supporting Tools and Applications: Photoshop CS5, InDesign CS5, Framemaker 7 & 10, LaTeX, Illustrator CS3 & CS5, Dreamweaver CS5 (HTML & CSS), WordPress, Quark Express

A complete list of tools can be found under the CAT Section of our website.

Our professional translators have completed a vast number of localization projects for various gaming types such as: Role-playing (RPG), Real-Time Strategy (RTS), Simulation (SG), Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) and action / adventure for the following platforms:

  • Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, WiiWare, DSiWire
  • Mobile Phones (iPhone, Android)
  • Sony PS3, Sony PS2, Sony PSP
  • Microsoft Xbox 360, Microsoft Xbox
  • Online games
  • Social network RPGs 

Security and Confidentiality

Our 9 point Security and Confidentiality policy secures the absolute confidentiality and security of the games we localize. A detailed list of all the security and confidentiality steps Intertranslations takes can be found in the designated section of our website. We are proud to say that we treat all our gaming localization projects as “highly classified” and we are known and respected for that.


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