Gaming Projects QA & Testing

Gaming Projects Quality Assurance (QA) & Testing

Quality Assurance is a planned and systematic policy applied on all actions, which are necessary to ensure that the final product fulfills clients’ requirements and expectations. This is why the final product cannot have any grammatical errors or truncations. Furthermore, the translators are given the context of the game, as well as pictures of the characters, tools, weapons, animals, creatures etc. in order to better comprehend the action. Additionally, puns and jokes need to be carefully addressed as they could be easily misunderstood in certain cultures and in different languages.

Finally, when preparing games localization for testing, the respective coordinator needs to determine specific testing. Two different areas need to be involved:

  • Functionality Testers concentrate solely on finding bugs in the game code. They are responsible for testing the gameplay and will report any design, art or engineering bugs that occur in the localized versions. It is vital to point out that sometimes functionality testers might find test bugs that the linguistic testers won’t, usually because they are more familiar with the game and knowledgeable about which areas to examine.
  • Linguistic Testers concentrate on finding bugs in the language assets. They are responsible for checking the assets, identify if they are properly localized and -if not- to provide a solution. They concentrate on making sure that grammar, translations and text lengths are acceptable and properly displayed in the game. 



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