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Government and Public Sector

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The foreign agricultural service in Athens has used Intertranslations Ltd services for the translation of highly technical and scientific texts.  Throughout our co-operation we have found that Intertranslations Ltd has provided us with high quality translations at a reasonable cost.


We at the Hellenic Chamber of Industry and Commerce, have found the work on offer to be of high quality and the services provided to be prompt and efficient.  In our experience, Intertranslations Ltd has performed according to high professional standards and we recommend their services to prospective clients.

AHK] Maria

The translations delivered by Intertranslations have been evaluated on the basis of a random sample of pages and assessed as “very good”. It appears to meet in full the standards required under the terms of its governing framework contract and I quote "...can be used as it stands without further revision..."

[EUROPEAN COMMISSION] Director of Translations

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