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  We give all Hebrew translation projects the respect they deserve. When we translate Hebrew to English, we make sure to work with experienced linguists with a proven track to ensure the accuracy required. The same process takes place when we translate English to Hebrew. As a Semitic language (like Arabic, Aramaic, etc.), Hebrew is spoken by about 8 million people, and its modern version is called ivrit.

Hebrew had ceased to be spoken in antiquity and was revived as a spoken language by the 19th century. However, during the time they had stopped speaking it, the language never ceased to be used in its written form by Jews everywhere.

Our partners are professionals with many years of experience; they are well-trained with even the newest CAT tools that we make available to them via our “InLance” platform. They specialize in a very diverse list of sectors and make translations into their native language only. Not only, we follow clients’ instructions and existing terminology, but we also keep in mind the specifications in accordance with international standards for the translation of Jewish texts.

As far as the sensitive issue of pricing is concerned, Intertranslations always aims to provide you with the best rates for Hebrew translation services.

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