Key Responsibilities

...It’s all about defining the scope, listing key responsibilities, identifying communicated issues, creating solution paths, determining skills and experience needed, and set out key performance criteria...

Key Responsibilities

The team entrusted with project management and delivery possesses the know-how and expertize in the areas specifically related to the execution of the contract. This team has the following responsibilities:

  • To be highly dedicated and specialized
  • To evaluate and train translators so that client requirements are met
  • To focus on the timely delivery of quality work in multiple languages
  • To posses expertize in lay out and content creation for the development of high quality end documents
  • To deliver optimal infrastructures, tools and processes needed to support every translation effort
  • To apply continual improvements to processes and procedures
  • To deliver the necessary technical infrastructure to ensure the seamless management of different kind of file formats

Overall, Intertranslations employs the best available language and management resources aiming to successfully exceed client expectations.

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