Machine Translation

  On a basic level, Machine Translations perform simple substitution of words in one natural language for words in another, but that alone usually cannot produce a good and accurate translation of a text because recognition of whole phrases and their closest counterparts in the target language is needed.|

The progress and potential of machine translation have been debated much in its history. Since the 1950s, a number of scholars have questioned the possibility of achieving fully automatic machine translation of high quality. Some critics claim that there are in-principle obstacles to automatizing the translation process.

No automated translation program or procedure, without human participation, can produce output even close to the quality a human translator can produce. What it can do, however, is provide a general – though imperfect – approximation of the original text, which is sufficient for many purposes, including making the best use of the finite and expensive time of a human translator, reserved for those cases in which total accuracy is indispensable.

Machine translation can use a method based on linguistic rules, which means that words will be translated in a linguistic way – the most suitable (orally speaking) words of the target language will replace the ones in the source language.

It is often argued that the success of machine translation requires the problem of natural language understanding to be solved first.

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