Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations

...we consistently deliver clear and accurate translations of medical and pharmaceutical documents...

Medical and Pharmaceutical Translations

Intertranslations has an extensive experience in the area of medical texts, delivering highly reliable and accurate translations in various fields, including:

  • patient information and history records, clinical study reports, instruction manuals, patent applications, hospital discharge summaries, medical product specifications, equipment manuals, scientific papers, manuscripts and bibliographies
  • corporate literature on medical equipment and brochures, catalogues, marketing materials and specification sheets addressed to manufacturers, exporters, and suppliers
  • documents on a great variety of medication and treatment systems
  • medical legislation and regulatory frameworks

Specialization and reliability

Intertranslations' translators and editors who are specialized in the medical field have the adequate medical background, the required qualifications and the skills to provide an accurate and effective outcome for any medical text.

Translation process tips

Linguistic fluency and medical expertise ensure that a medical text can be transferred from one language to another with accuracy and effectiveness. The requirements of various bodies including hospitals, health care providers, insurance companies and public health administration services, at a local or international level, must also be taken into consideration. In this field, issues of confidentiality and non-disclosure are of utmost importance.


Client testimonials

"Over the course of the collaboration Intertranslations has completed approximately 10,000 pages of translations. The quality of the translations exceeds the standards and the deliveries are flexible and timely..."

Best regards,
Leonardo A. Clinical
Research Manager


"Intertranslations exceeds our standards of quality and has always delivered within our requested delivery period..."

Best regards,
Constantine R.
Head of Procurement


"Your teams provide speedy and quality work that meets and exceeds our standards. We also like to thank you for dealing with urgent turnovers so efficiently. We have confidence in the Intertranslations team to help support us during tight and stressful times..."   

Best regards,
Marianna K.
Procurement Manager

Janssen Cilaq

"We can confirm that Intertranslations provides high-quality translations and has always delivered on-time or earlier..." 

Best regards,
Sevi S.
Communication and public affairs Manager

Merck Sharp

"Intertranlsations surpasses the standards as the final translations have always been timely and qualitative..."

Best regards,
Darli E. Local
Trial Manager/Clinical Operations

Novo Nordisk

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