Medical Document Translation

  Linguistic fluency and medical expertise ensure that a medical document translation from one language to another will be 100% accurate and and effective. The requirements of various bodies including hospitals, health care providers, insurance companies and public health administration services, at a local or international level, must also be taken into consideration. In this field, issues of confidentiality and non-disclosure are of utmost importance.

 Knowing a foreign language alone is simply not enough. The plain truth of translation is that a text must be understood before it can be translated. Medical document translation is a highly text translation in a highly specialized discipline which is why Intertranslations uses translators and editors specialized in the medical field have the adequate medical background.  The required qualifications and the skills to provide an accurate and effective outcome for any medical text.

 Here are some of the areas we have previously translated documents for:
• Anesthesia

• Biostatistics

• Cardiology

• Dentistry

• Diagnostics

• Electro diagnosis

• Endoscopy

• Endocrinology

• Medicine

• Prosthetics

• Toxicology

Regardless of the subject area of your documentation we are able to provide translation for more than 100 languages in a timely and cost effective manner.
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