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  Intertranslations Ltd is located in London and can offer fast, professional and confidential Polish translation services. Our Polish translators have several decades of combined translation experience and can guarantee the quality of the translation deliverable.

We collaborate with the best linguists available in-country for our Polish linguistic services. Our long-standing relationships with our excellent linguists all over the world give us great depth to our pool of experienced professionals, each one of them a specialist in a particular language combination and a subject matter. This allows us to offer not only fast and quality Polish translations, but also very competitive rates. Intertranslations Ltd is a trusted language service partner.

With over 20 years of quality assured translation services, Intertranslations Ltd is dedicated to providing Polish Translation Services. Our translators are selected for their extensive experience in Polish and the first-hand knowledge they have of the Polish customs and traditions. They are thus able to transform a simple Polish language assignment into a great success!

Polish is a Slavic language spoken primarily in Poland. The person who is preparing your document for translation into Polish should bear in mind that the target text will be longer than the source text – approximately 20-30% more space will be needed – and that Polish words tend to be longer that English

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