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  A Polish translator will come upon dilemmas quite often. For example when for certain reasons the translation has to follow the order and number of sentences from the source text. Despite what some Polish translators might believe, the Polish sentence structure is dissimilar from English and involves many amendments in translation.

In English
, one can use a playful and freestyle version that can be used for official translations and publications. However, in Polish this is impossible despite the fast changes that happened recently. The Polish language still tends to be quite rigid and official. The majority of Polish is either extremely formal or completely informal. This causes many problems in translating a text that is written in English as there is not an equivalent in Polish. As a consequence, this type of translations might lack stylistic accuracy and similarity to the source text. As a solution, the translator will choose the lesser of the two evils as there is no perfect solution.

Our translators are selected for their extensive experience in Polish and the first-hand knowledge they have of the Polish customs and traditions. They are thus able to transform a simple Polish language assignment into a great success!

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