Project Tasks

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Project Tasks

Pre-Production Stage

  • Receive clients’ brief, including all the background information about the target market or project
  • File preparation: Receive files and evaluation, extracting text from an application so that translation tools may be used
  • Preparing translation memories
  • Localization kit preparation: Creating a set of instructions for the translator

Production Stage

  • Translation: Rendering the source text into the target language
  • Edit: Ensuring that the translations are accurate, as well as contextually and culturally appropriate
  • Post-translation engineering: Checking and arranging that all protective meta-tagging from the files returned are in order and display the translation back to its original format (source application)
  • DTP or build: Utilizing desktop publishing (for documents) and/or programming (for help, web, UI/software, etc.) to recreate the required deliverable in the target language
  • Proofread / linguistic QA: Verifying that the finished job conforms with client instructions on format, presentation style, and content and in line with initial briefing. The revision results and comments are recorded in a Language Quality Inspection (LQI) form
  • Graphics localization: Translating graphics text and resizing, if necessary
  • Final QA: The translation is reviewed by a Subject Matter Expert (SME) or undergoes a style check. Ensuring accuracy of the specialized contents and terminology of the translated text. This task is conducted by our industry expert, who has in-depth knowledge of the industry and the target language

Post Production Stage

  • A Post-Project Review (PPR) is conducted in order to identify any issues that may arise during a project and resolve them in view of future projects
  • Final production and delivery: Creating the final deliverable text format, such as a .Doc, .PDF, XML, Web content, Software content, etc.

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