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 Today Intertranslations is an award-winning translation agency and an industry leader in providing professional English to Croatian translation services. These are very demanding services as they require taking into consideration idiomatic and district differences. Your English to Croatian translator must be fully aware of literary differences and regional customs. When working on a Croatian translation, accuracy and readability are in the center of our attention, which are based on the languages’ details and the demands of the particular request. We can translate English to Croatian with a very high-level accuracy and diligence in many verticals.

We have an amazing track record with our clients of Balkan languages and it is one we are convinced with remain as such. Our confidence and the spirit of cooperation we have developed with both linguists and customers, together with the desire to serve well, are the values that govern the commitment of our company to even higher standards. Thanks to our fast, localized and accurate translation services and our excellent customer service, regardless of the size of your project, we have managed so far more than 1 billion words translated from English
into Croatian.

Intertranslations Ltd
is far more than just a translation agency. We assist the process of globalizing your business by supporting you in all forms of international communication. Our wide range of translation services follows our core values: efficiency, quality, reliability, and security. As an established translation agency, we have managed to create a network of over 50 expert translators who not only understand and follow our core values, but are also specialists in their given fields. Our professional translation team has a particular expertise in fields like marketing, the medical and legal sectors and personal documents (birth or marriage certificates).

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