Values & philosophy

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Values & philosophy

PEOPLE CENTRIC: At Intertranslations, our employees are our greatest asset.

  • High quality solutions and exceptional performance can only be delivered by outstanding professionals. The company owes its dramatic growth and reputation to its personnel, who has earned the confidence and trust of companies worldwide.
  • We are dedicated in delivering nothing less than the optimum level of performance and we strive every day to achieve it.

CUSTOMER SERVICE: Adapt fully to our customers’ requirements and deliver quality translations to meet their standards

  • achieve excellence as the customer relationship evolves
  • adapt fully to our customers’ requirements
  • always follow a stringent quality process
  • respond and implement our customer’s feedback promptly
  • offer a dedicated team headed by an Account Manager and a Project Manager

TECHNOLOGICALLY AGILE: Continually improve our infrastructure and resources

  • scalability of solutions to handle increasing demands
  • leverage technology to our customer’s benefit
  • utilize translation memories, CAT tools and terminology / glossary database per industry to offer exceptional services

FOCUS IN THE FUTURE: Building long-term relationships with our clients by offering custom-made solutions and continuous growth to match their specific needs

  • we offer customized solutions and we treat each customer as a partner, aiming to achieve excellence in any project we deliver
  • we offer a performance level that guarantees excellence and defines us and our business relationships

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