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Government and Public Sector

Government and Public Sector

Over a decade of experience in servicing the public sector

Government documents and publications of public interest The translated texts cover the following subjects:

• National government and politics

• International organisations and politics

• Political commentary

• Social policies

• Energy and environment

• Immigration policies

• Civil and minority rights

• Health and education

• Urban planning

• Tourism and culture

• Economy and finance

Over the years, Intertranslations has developed an in-depth expertise and know-how to manage any translation relating to government and public sector documentation. Covering a broad spectrum, ranging from local government and state government to national or federal level and up to the level of the European Union, our translations enable the government sector to effectively communicate with minority groups, communities, business entities and associations, thereby providing the general public with information on national, EU and local government matters.

Government translations and terminology All of Intertranslations’ translators and editors working on government texts have a strong academic background in government and international politics. Translators use reference material, whether in hard-copy or electronic form that covers a variety of issues adhering to international glossaries and standards.

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