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Patent Translation Services

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Patent Translation Services

Your trusted translation partner for all patent affairs and intellectual property.

Patent Translations: Precision and Legal Protection Guaranteed

Translating patents requires precision and expertise to ensure your intellectual property remains protected across borders.

Intertranslations delivers reliable, accurate patent translations across industries like life sciences, engineering, and software. Our ISO 17100:2015 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications ensure top precision and quality, upholding the highest standards for your intellectual property.

Key Considerations in Translating Patents

Late patent translations can cause legal, financial, and strategic setbacks, affecting a multinational company’s profits and global competitiveness. The primary challenges in patent translation revolve around ensuring accuracy and timely delivery. Accurate translations are crucial for securing legal protection of an invention or property in the desired registration countries or offices. Moreover, it’s essential to submit these translations to the patent offices within the required deadlines.

Submitting an inaccurate or imprecise patent translation to a patent office can have several consequences:

  • Risk of Patent Rejection: Mistakes in translation can lead to misunderstandings, increasing the likelihood of patent rejection, which can cause additional expenses and delays in entering the market.
  • Legal Vulnerabilities: Translation inaccuracies can weaken the patent’s legal defense, allowing competitors an opportunity to challenge or infringe upon the patent more easily.
  • Compromised Competitive Advantage: Inaccurate translations can limit the scope of patent protection, making it easier for competitors to circumvent patents, threatening both revenue and market position.
  • Correction Costs: Identifying errors after filing may necessitate corrections or amendments, incurring extra costs and potential legal complications.
  • Lost Revenue: Delays in patent approval due to translation errors can postpone product launches, leading to lost revenue, especially if competitors capitalize on these delays to capture market share first.

Missing a submission deadline can have significant and multifaceted consequences:

  • Loss of Patent Rights: Failing to file a patent on time can lead to losing exclusive rights in the target country, allowing competitors to legally produce and sell similar products.
  • Reduced Market Share: Lacking patent protection allows competitors to mimic products, reducing market share and brand value.
  • Lost Revenue: Not patenting in a key market may result in lost sales and revenue, as competitors can introduce similar products without legal consequences, diminishing the original product’s competitive advantage.
  • Damage to Reputation: Not patenting in key markets can damage a company’s innovative reputation and affect ties with investors, partners, and consumers.
  • Opportunity Costs: Efforts to fix patent issues could be better spent on profitable ventures or boosting the company’s market position.

Our Solutions to your IP Questions

Our Patent Translation Services

With Intertranslations, you are guaranteed services that encompass:

  • High-Quality Translations: Your patent will be accurately translated by native-speaking industry professionals familiar with sector-specific practices and cultures.
  • Comprehensive Document Translation: From complete patents to specifications, annexes, reports, and licensing contracts, we handle all types of documents with expert guidance throughout the process.
  • Certification and Confidentiality: We provide certified translations with a steadfast commitment to keeping your documents confidential.
  • Competitive Pricing: Enjoy attractive rates for our top-tier services.
  • Legal Assurance: Rest assured that your translated patent will offer the same legal protection as the original.

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