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Software and Games Localisation

Localisation project management is completed in two stages. The first stage is project specification analysis and creation of a project plan, the second stage includes the re-integration of source software into translatable formats, allowing for text translation and a single user to directly track and manage tasks.

Our software localisation service is a stage-by-stage process, which includes:

• software user interfaces localisation
• help-related files translation
• manuals translation
• tools translation
• documentation translation
• packaging translation
• license agreements translation
• disclaimers translation
• warranties translation
• other related information translation

Intertranslations’ expert teams localise software in all environments (i.e. Windows, Unix, OSX, Android, iOS) and are fully experienced in a wide range of technologies and platforms such as Java, C++, MSDN, .Net etc.

Extensive experience in professional translation and software localisation guarantees efficiency, thorough project planning and implementation. Customers are able to seamlessly interact with the localised software in their own language.

Harmonization with local variables and regulatory frameworks applicable at local, national and international levels, places the software client in an excellent linguistic and cultural position.

The world of software and games localisation is particularly exciting as it poses unique challenges but also corresponding results. In Intertranslations we have as our primary objective to respond with speed and consistency the demands for software localisation of the leading global companies.

Intertranslations enables its clients to adapt their software and/or games to their end user and target audience’s particular characteristics. Using our localization services, international clients are able to promote their products and services positioning themselves as leaders in their respective markets worldwide. Due to our specialized staff, Intertranslations remains fiercely competitive in this change-driven industry.

Translate your website, software or games in any language and enable your potential customers to access all information in their native language. We work with all the available CAT tools and we are able to deliver the same type of files translated into the desired language, preserving the original structure of the software.

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