Software and Games Localisation

Software Localisation adapts your product to the language of your users

The software localisation sector is particularly exciting for translators and attractive to developers. Translators have the opportunity to transfer a complete experience in the culture of the users while developers come into contact with new target markets.

The high-tech tools and certified procedures that Intertranslations uses for websites, mobile applications, games and documentation place it at the forefront of software localisation.

• Website and App Localisation What’s Up or WhatsApp; By translating your websites and apps you render them available to new users all over the world. • Games Localisation From Arcanoid to Zelda and for Android to XBOX, Intertranslations has the optimal solution for your games localisation. • Documentation Translation Intertranslations has executed documentation translations for a wide range of companies, including mobile game startups and industry giants like Blizzard.

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