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GALA ACADEMY, Localization project management training in MTPE

Viveta Gene  
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October 2022 (3 sessions), GALA ACADEMY, Localization project management training in MTPE

The Localization project management training in MTPE is an interactive training course consisting of 3 sessions, specifically designed for project managers, localization managers and vendor managers, but also anyone who is interested in best MTPE management practices. The purpose of this course is to set the specifications of a project eligible for MTPE and share insight into the know-how of the implementation of MTPE in the workflow by means of showcasing case studies and maintaining high interaction with the participants. Best practices on how to skyrocket post-editors’ performance in terms of quality and speed will be in the spotlight covering a wide range of aspects, from communication to guidelines, and applying a holistic approach.


Localization project management training in MTPE

Moderated by Viveta Gene and Maria do Campo

    • Each event consists of 3-4 sessions
    • Each session will be 90’.
    • Interactive Format
    • Target groups: project managers, localization managers, vendor managers

Session 1: 4th October

When to apply a MTPE Workflow

What are the specifications that make a project eligible for MTPE? Are there specific use-cases that make it a good fit? How to weigh quality, cost and time and implement a successful workflow? And what about data confidentiality and matters of ethics in MTPE?

Join us to a quiz-like session to trigger discussion and train ourselves in the specifications that make a project a good fit for MTPE. Let’s lay together the foundation one step before the deep dive!

Session 2: 11th October

How to apply a MTPE Workflow?

What are the MTPE stages and what is the PM role, proactive actions to take this journey and successfully reach the destination of positive feedback by the end customer?

We will make this an interactive case study session sharing the takings of our experience and guidelines on how to avoid the pitfalls and reap the benefits.

Contribute yourself to the training with your own challenging case, or simply listen and enjoy.

Session 3: 18th October

Put Yourself in the Shoes of The Post-Editor. Get the training needed to have your team trained!

Have you ever thought that not all translators’ profiles are a good fit for MTPE?

What is the training that should be provided to the post-editors to ensure a positive attitude towards MTPE? And how will you be able to skyrocket post-editors’ performance in terms of quality and speed?

It is not all about guidelines… Join us to gain insight!

Completed Webinars

Is MTPE your challenge? Take the plunge and  get trained!

Viveta Gene  
Elia Together 2022

23 MARCH 2022


MTPE has raised several issues over the past few years, on both a linguistic and business level. Are Post-Editors and LSPs up for the challenge? Viveta Gene joins Together 2022 to discuss MTPE challenges and to share training tips and tricks to make the most of this valuable service.

Register for Together 2022 and join the discussion on one of the services that is shaping the future of our industry. The early bird offer is still on, so make sure you secure your place now!

Is MTPE standing for Machine Translation Professional Ethics? 

Viveta Gene  

15 DECEMBER 2021


As MTPE progressively finds its way into the workflows of more and more LSPs, a new model of professional ethics might be surfacing. While MT technology is just starting to reveal its true power, the human factor remains nonetheless significant, with the rise of the Post-Editor’s role. So, in these newly established workflows, what does MTPE stand for in terms of professional ethics? Are there any guiding principles or standards specific to MTPE work? And how can LSPs reap the benefits of MTPE while conforming to ethical standards? This webinar attempts to tackle all these questions in the context of Elia’s “Focus Forward Webinar Series”, which focuses on some of the most relevant issues faced by the language industry today.

You can watch a recording of the webinar here.

Drafting effective machine translation post-editing guidelines

Viveta Gene & Lucía Guerrero Romeo (CPSL) 

16-18 NOVEMBER 2021 


The success of machine translation post-editing tasks depends heavily on the existence of clear post-editing guidelines. Despite this fact, there is currently no established protocol or international standard that spells out specific details regarding the content and scope of such guidelines.

With that in mind, and considering the confusion resulting from this important gap among linguists, clients and translation professionals, this workshop sets out to explore ways of effectively designing a set of post-editing guidelines.

Attendees were invited to share their opinions and experiences through live polls and surveys which will be used to draft a common template for post-editing guidelines. The resulting document will be published as a paper summarizing this process.

Stay tuned!

Efficient MT Post – Editing Training

Viveta Gene & Lucía Guerrero Romeo (CPSL) 
Memsource collaboration

3 NOVEMBER 2021 & 13 December 2021
15:00 GMT


This exclusive 2-part online workshop aims to highlight how efficient MTPE training can increase productivity and improve output quality, streamlining the post-editing process.

Prepared by Viveta Gene (Intertranslations) and Lucía Guerrero (CPSL), in collaboration with Memsource in the context of its “Machine Translation Workshop Series”, this initiative aspires to show the effectiveness of MTPE training using empirical data, while offering participants the chance to improve their skills, increasing their speed and learning to avoid common mistakes.

To this end, participants were invited to complete a short post-editing task prior to each of the workshop’s live sessions. Measuring the participants’ productivity rate before and after they receive MTPE training shed light on how training may impact both speed and accuracy in post-editing.

You can watch a recording of both Sessions here.

Translating Europe Forum 2021

DG Translation
European Commission 

3 – 5 NOVEMBER 2021 


Translating Europe Forum (TEF) is an annual event that has been bringing together translation professionals from all European countries for the past 8 years. This year’s edition, taking place entirely online, was dedicated to “Collaboration in Times of Automation”: translation is now far from the solitary profession it used to be and existing technologies may support its newfound collaborative aspects.

Intertranslations was proudly a part of TEF 2021, with Viveta Gene, Translation & Localization Industry Specialist, chairing the “Collaboration on Training: Industry and Academia” panel, where she presented a set of best practices for post-editing activities, based on recent findings in the field of MTPE training.

A recording of the “Collaboration on Training: Industry and Academia” panel can be found here.

TC42 The role and perspective of the Post-Editor  

Viveta Gene


20 NOVEMBER 2020
15:00 GMT


Intertranslations will be a part of this year’s virtual edition of TC42 (Translating and the Computer), a leading forum that brings together language professionals from various backgrounds as well as academic and business researchers to discuss latest trends and share insights on business practices. Our contribution to the conference aims at helping both businesses and linguists alike understand the scope of a Post-Editor’s role and examines current attitudes towards Post-Editing. Do negative perspectives outweigh the benefits, undermining the efficiency of this cost-effective and time-efficient new service? Make sure you register here to get a grip on industry perspectives by following our upcoming presentation at TC42!

The Management and Training Challenges of Post-Editing (Part 2)

Viveta Gene

11:00 EDT / 17:00 CEST


The transition from Translation Age to Post-Editing Age poses many challenges for the translation industry. LSPs need to build the role of the post-editor, define the post-editing process, and set accurate expectations for productivity and quality. This two-part webinar discusses the challenges of managing Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) including changes in roles, workflows, and metrics, and the challenge of training for MTPE.

The first part of this interactive webinar focuses on the following trio of “how-to” questions:

  • How do you create a common perspective between vendors and organizations?
  • How do you manage vendor concerns?
  • How do you build a training protocol?

All webinar participants will be given a post-webinar survey which will be analyzed and the results presented in the second webinar on 21 May 2020. That second webinar will zero in on how we can create a common perspective on post-editing between vendors and LSPs. The results will also be used to suggest a common post-editing training protocol.

The Management and Training Challenges of Post-Editing (Part 1)

Viveta Gene

THURSDAY, 07 MAY, 2020


The transition from Translation Age to Post-Editing Age poses many challenges for the translation industry. LSPs need to build the role of the post-editor, define the post-editing process, and set accurate expectations for productivity and quality. This two-part webinar discusses the challenges of managing Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) including changes in roles, workflows, and metrics, and the challenge of training for MTPE.

The first part of the webinar presented the management and training challenges of Machine Translation Post-Editing in an attempt to create a common perspective on post-editing for vendors and LSPs. The webinar concluded with a survey that was made available to the attendees. This second webinar analyzes the results of that survey and presents its findings with regard to develping a common and satisfactory Post-Editing Training Protocol for both vendors and LSPs.

How to Measure MT Output Quality? A Case Study

Viveta Gene



Much has been said and written about the pros and cons of using machine translation with post-editing (MTPE) to get text translated. Yet it is clear that machine translation is here to stay. Given that assumption, the most important question that arises from a business perspective is what evaluation methods can be used to measure MT output and the subsequent reduction in time and money. How is post-editing productivity measured? And how can post-editing quality assessment be applied in the modern localization pipeline?

This webinar presents a case-study that was undertaken by Intertranslations for a US-based software company in which time, cost, and quality were carefully analyzed using a practical evaluation model.

Machine Translation: From Translation to Post-editing

Viveta Gene



This webinar is geared towards linguists who work in the localization industry and are moving from a translation to a post-editing role. It will discuss three topics:
  1. Define what light versus full post-editing is from a theoretical point of view, supported by practical examples
  2. Discuss the practical implications of neural and statistical MT for the post-editing process
  3. Outline how linguists can move from a translator to a post-editor role by acquiring specific transition skills
The main focus of this webinar is on the transition from the “Translation Age” to the “Post-Editing Age”, and will shed more light on the grey zones.

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Networking in the field of Machine Translation Post – Editing


We are proud to be a part of GALA’s MTPE Training Special Interest Group (SIG), moderated by Alicia Deadrick, Viveta Gene & Lucia Guerrero.

GALA’s SIGs are special networked learning committees dedicated to topics of mutual interest and to driving industry insights forward by bringing together members and enhancing peer knowledge sharing. The MTPE Training SIG will host monthly virtual meetings rich with presentations and discussions aiming at establishing a set of best practices for professionals involved in Post-Editing activities. We are truly excited for this collaborative project which attempts to inspect gray areas in MTPE Training and provide a common Post-Editing framework and we hope that it will help members, but also the entire community grow together. We invite all GALA members but also clients, LSP representatives and members of academia to participate, exchange ideas and bridge the gaps in MTPE training to ensure a better way of working together in the future.

Sign up for the MTPE Training SIG here and don’t forget to register for our next meeting on January 26.

See you at this month’s MTPE SIG!

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