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How to Keep up to Date with Latest MTPE Workflows and Practices

How to Keep up to Date with Latest MTPE Workflows

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Changing roles: from translation to post-editing

This white paper seeks to outline the newly established role of the Post-Editor in the language industry, drawing on the work of researchers, academics and industry specialists. With a multidimensional approach, it intends to compare the skills, competences and tasks of post-editors to those of translators, highlighting the differences and points of convergence between the two roles, to present current attitudes towards Post-Editing within the industry and to finally start tracing a comprehensive profile of Post-Editors. The paper also partially presents the results of a relevant survey conducted among LSPs and SLVs, which examines industry trends and can be useful for the standardization of practices within the uncharted territory of Post-Editing.


    The Post-Editing Workflow

    The present White Paper presents what could be considered as the optimal, 3-step Post-Editing workflow, compared to current norms and ordinary practices in the Post-Editing field that may turn out to be less effective or even counter-productive in the long run. Drawing from industry insights, this paper aims to provide a basic framework on how to streamline Post-Editing workflows and indicate what Language Service Providers and industry professionals should strive for in order to improve quality, achieve higher profitability and better return on investment. It is argued that Post-Editing is actually but one step in a comprehensive workflow, which consists in three essential tasks: Pre-Editing, Post-Editing and Annotation/MT evaluation processes.


      Republication adapted for the French audience by Enrico Antonio Mion may be found here

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